How to Install Notability for PC Windows and Mac (2021 Latest)

Notability for PC – One of the most often requested features for Windows is notability. Notability is one of the best mobile note-taking applications available. Notability is preferred by iOS users over other note-taking applications. Unfortunately, Notability for Windows is not yet available for purchase. As a result, users of Windows computers are searching for or experimenting with alternatives. You’ll need to pursue a few secret tips if you want to use Notability for Windows.

In this article, we’ll go over Notability for Windows 10 in great detail. Following the instructions in this article, you can conveniently use Notability on a Windows tablet. What you have to do is follow this post’s instructions to the letter. After that, you’ll be able to use more of the Notability App for Windows surface’s features. Let’s get started with the Notability app for Windows 10 features, direct download links, and installation process without wasting any more time.

Notability for PC

What is the Notability PC app?

Notability is a common digital note-taking app for Apple’s iOS smartphones. It’s always been one of the most popular paying iPad games.

Notability for PC is a full-featured note-taking application that assists students in creating documents that they want to revisit, study, and use. They will take a screenshot of a map in the textbook that they want to turn to immediately and apply it to their notes. If painting is a great way to illustrate an idea, they should do it there as well.

Students will type, compose, sketch, highlight, record audio, cut, paste, and even embed material from the website on a single note tab. When they’re done, students will arrange their notes for later use. The audio recording function is extremely versatile. If you start playing at the beginning of a session, the notes you make will darken and fill in as the recording progresses, helping you to see the notes as you compose them. You can also tap any point on a note (whether it’s written, typed, or a photo) to skip to that point in the audio recording.

Because of its “continuous” layout, Notability treats paper in a unique way. It includes regular blank paper as well as lined, square, and dotted paper in four different variants. Many of the images are in portrait mode. You can select from 15 different background shades, including purple dots, depending on the layout you choose. I can’t imagine making notes on dark purple polka-dotted sheets, too.

Features of Notability

  • This application has a variety of functionality that can persuade you to download it.
  • This application has a pleasing user interface. This gives you complete control of your notes using a number of note-taking methods. You can highlight text, document it, and use drawing software, among other things.
  • Aside from marking any email, you can even append pictures or GIFs. The screen is simple to set up and navigate, making taking notes a breeze.
  • This application has a lot of customization options. Team notes can be saved in files or on individual drives. These notes can also be easily accessed using Face ID and Touch ID.
  • Don’t let the keyboard limit you. Take notes with the Apple Pen by writing them down. The user interface is very sensitive, and there is a wide font color palette to pick from. This function is ideal for removing charts and graphs.
  • If you don’t want to write, there’s no reason to use it because it has recording capability. Simply press the record button and listen to it anytime you want.
  • When presenting projects, you use the Laser Pointer gadget. You still won’t be affected by melted toolbars during a presentation.
  • Any file format can be imported and shared. It makes no difference whether you use PDF, DOC, PPT, or photographs. Often included in the app is the ability to edit PDF files without the use of any additional tools.

How to Install the Notability app on PC

  1. You must first download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.
  2. Complete the emulator installation on your PC.
  3. Open the Bluestacks emulator and head to the Play Store.
  4. To enter the play store you must have a gmail account, I hope you have it and login immediately.
  5. After entering Play Store, write Notability in Play Store Search.
  6. Tap enter and look for Notability.
  7. Select the Notability app and click install.
  8. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  9. When finished, now select open.
  10. Notability has now been successfully installed on your PC and you can use it.


Taking notes is a skill that you can learn as soon as possible. It’s better to take notes and save the academic history in written format with applications like Notability. We did our best to walk you through the Notability download and installation process in this article. If you need any assistance, please use the comment box below.

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