Leonflix for Windows, PC, and Mac (2021 Latest)

Leonflix for Windows PC – Leonflix is a software that allows users to stream videos on your computer This Desktop Enhancement program for Windows is currently being developed by the Leonflix Team. Learn how to get the Leonflix app for free on your Windows PC by downloading and installing it. Finding media software for Windows that runs on a variety of platforms.

Leonflix for Windows PC

What is Leonflix?

Leonflix is a desktop enhancements app by the Leonflix Team, similar to Stellarium, Typer Shark, and PC App Store. It features a straightforward and easy user interface, and it is, most importantly, free to download. Many Windows PC users suggest Leonflix as a useful piece of software.

Leonflix is a Freeware Desktop Enhancement for Windows PC that is extremely quick, tiny, compact, and unique. It’s designed to be simple for newcomers while yet being powerful for professionals. Unlike some other Desktop Enhancements apps, this one offers several unique and intriguing features. Leonflix is compatible with the majority of Windows operating systems.

The most of users download and install the Freeware version of Desktop Enhancements software, despite the fact that there are many likely choices. Don’t forget to maintain the software up to date, though. Leonflix is available for free and may be downloaded on Windows PC from the links below.

Features Leonflix

  • Modular – Leonflix isn’t just for movies and tv series. Khan Academy and MIT OpenCourseWare also include lectures and video lessons. As a result, the app is now more student-friendly.
  • Multi-Protocol – You can watch any movies and TV episodes in MP4 format by inserting a magnet link into the app’s search bar. Streaming on Leonflix isn’t restricted to hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP); you can also view any movies and TV shows in MP4 format by pasting a magnet link into the app’s search bar.
  • Free, Safe and No Ads – Leonflix is a modular search tool for discovering all types of video material that is both easy and powerful. This software is completely free and risk-free to use. There will be no subscription fees levied to you. Aside from that, the app is totally free of advertisements.
  • Supports Multi-Platform – This software is amazing since it works on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspbian. This is why this software is referred to be a multi-platform desktop media search app. You may get leonflix for your operating system by clicking the link below.
  • Social – Do you want to see a video with your buddies? Create a peer-to-peer watching party with video playback that is synchronized!

Leonflix Technical Details

App Name: Leonflix
Developer: Leonflix Team
Updated: January, 19th 2020
Version: Leonflix 0.7.0
File Size: 92.7 MB
License: Freeware

How to download and install Leonflix for Windows PC

  1. From the URL above, download the Leonflix installer.
  2. Save the downloaded file to your computer.
  3. Double-click the Leonflix installation file you just downloaded.
  4. Now you can watch the installation progress by looking at the prompts.
  5. Once installed, you will have a created shortcut for Leonflix on the desktop.
  6. Done. You have successfully installed Leonflix.


Good luck with Leonflix on your computer. When compared to installing apks on a PC, this technique is quite simple. Who doesn’t like seeing films on a larger screen? Download and install Leonflix on your computer.

The steps we explain are far more simple and easy. When downloading applications, use caution and only download from reputable sites. Please bookmark this website for more interesting Leonflix news. Thanks for visiting.

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